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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Some suggestions of easy and fun ways to build connection


  • Cuddling, tickling

  • Peek a boo

  • Raspberry blowing

  • Gentle rough and tumble

  • Massage

  • Playing

  • Quality time (focusing on them)

  • Singing and music

  • Encouraging praise

  • Bath time

  • Gentle tone of voice and body language

  • Funny faces, chasing

  • Comforting them when upset

  • Attend to their needs quickly

  • Socialising with other babies

  • Dancing

  • Bubbles

  • Making routine things fun eg mealtimes, nappy changing, hand washing,


  • Reading books

  • Singing, action songs, dancing

  • Playing with playdough, pasta, rice

  • Making musical instruments

  • Cooking

  • Going to the park,

  • Riding bikes

  • Splashing in puddles

  • Letting them get dirty

  • Playing football

  • Feeding the ducks

  • Watching squirrels, birds

  • Ride on bus/tram/train (under 5’s go free)

  • Library storytime/activities

  • Listening to your child

  • Including them with New Baby

  • Pretend play, making tents, dens

  • Playing in the garden

  • Water play, bathing dollies

  • Playing with the leaves in autumn

  • Blowing bubbles

  • Watering plants

  • Building train tracks

  • Lego towers

  • Drawing

  • Swimming

  • Trips to the farm

  • Puzzles

  • Walk in the woods (remembering they only have little legs)

  • Getting down to their level to talk and listen to them.

  • Painting, cutting, sticking (but only if you don’t mind the mess)

  • Letting them help with jobs (dusting, washing up)

5-12 YEARS

  • Swimming

  • Adventure Playgrounds

  • Reading

  • Singing

  • Involving them in what you are doing

  • Making picnics (indoor and out)

  • Lego models

  • Painting/junk models

  • Playing games - Hide and Seek, Hunt the Thimble, What’s the time Mr Wolf

  • Looking at photos/ making scrapbooks

  • Cooking – making pizza, special tea, cakes

  • Going to the park

  • Collecting things

  • Bike rides

  • Kite flying

  • Playing football, rounders, tennis

  • Watching their sports/hobbies

  • Playing computer games with them

  • Playing on the Trampoline with them

  • Making dens

  • Making Go Karts

  • Cleaning the car together

  • Raking leaves

  • Water fights/ water pistols

  • Sitting in the garden together

  • Making nature trails

  • Treasure Hunts

  • Day at the sea Board games, Ball games, Jacks

  • Football, Rugby, Cricket

  • Skipping rhymes

  • Cats cradle

  • Clapping Rhymes (pat-a-cake type)

  • Origami

  • Platting hair, painting nails

  • YoYo’s, Juggling, playing cards

  • Putting on shows

  • Them choosing dinner and helping to cook it

  • No TV night – set night of the week when there is no TV and you do something else instead.

  • Digging garden or allotment and growing plants/vegetables/strawberries/sunflowers

  • Watching Video’s together, making popcorn, darkening room to be like cinema

  • Making meal times like a restaurant – Menus, place settings, you or them being the waiter etc

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